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Celebrating 25 years of freedom. June 4 – 8 2014 Lodz, Poland


Freedom Games is an event dedicated to celebrating the 25th anniversary of the beginning of democratic changes initiated by the first partly free elections in Poland on June 4, 1989.
This memorable election accelerated an avalanche of democratic changes in the Central and Eastern Europe. Our aim as organizers of Freedom Games conference is to create an interdisciplinary event that would be an occasion for cheerful celebration and discussion about this extraordinarily positive period in European history.
However, last month’s tragic events in Ukraine and Russia’s inadmissible actions pushed us to reformulate the agenda of the event, and concentrate on the discussion about geopolitical future of Central and Eastern Europe. Our lifestyle, safety and peace proved to be an illusion. Therefore, we think that it is more than important and urgent to create a space for discussion between representatives of the West and the East as a response to the unexpected and dangerous incidents in the region.
Freedom Games will take place in Łódź, an extraordinary city, erected during the 19th century by joint efforts of Germans, Russians, Jews and Poles. Łódź is a place where the histories of the West and the East combine in a special way.
Freedom Games conference consists of international relations discussion part, as well as concerts, meetings with writers, and a theatrical part. Our aim is to gather in Łódź distinguished personalities of world’s diplomacy, civic activists and experts, whose ideas and activities are crucial and significant for shaping events of the 21st century. We would like to give the inhabitants of Łódź a chance to interact with them. Our special interest is directed at Eastern Partnership countries and Russia.
The event is organized thanks to the support and cooperation of: the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland, the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland, the City of Łódź, Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom. 4liberty.eu liberal network is also a partner of the event.

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